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Tricanna Industries Inc.

Cheap & Cheerful Indica (Cake OG) 14x.5g PR (SKU #1064737) BCDD Exclusive

Cheap & Cheerful Indica (Cake OG) 14x.5g PR (SKU #1064737) BCDD Exclusive

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Cheap & Cheerful's Cake OG offers a unique and delightful flavour profile of cakey vanilla, sweet, sour, dank and diesel. A potent Indica cross between Cake and Sour OG, Cake OG is rich in terpenes including: myrcene, farnesene, caryophyllene, and linalool. Each pre-roll is perfectly packed, consistently rolled and burns smooth. Enjoy 14x.5g pre-rolls packed in sleek and convenient recyclable tin, designed with quality and value in mind.

Lineage:  Cake and Sour OG
THC Range: 23-28%

Batch Specific Potency: 24.6%
Top Terps: myrcene, farnesene, caryophyllene, and linalool
Total Terps: <2%

Pack Date: Jan 8, 2024
Case Size: 12
Unit GTIN: 00055665002753
Case GTIN: 10055665002750

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